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IPFCC Proud to Announce New Peer Support Website Section

Peer Support—be it one-to-one, a support group, online, or another model—offers accessible, personalized, relationship-based support. Peer support may assist an individual or family coping with a new diagnosis, a traumatic event, or a chronic condition. It may connect isolated individuals with a community of people who understand—a condition, a diagnosis, a sexual orientation. Peer Support offers an essential real-life and real-time perspective.

IPFCC is proud to announce that its Peer Support website section is now live! The intent of this website section is to provide guidance and resources from a sampling of established hospital or clinic-based peer support programs across the United States and Canada. The section highlights a few Exemplar Programs that partner with patients and families to design and implement evidence-based programs. You'll find resources, such as key success factors, information about delivery models and organizational structures, research, personal stories, and other materials.

Over time, IPFCC will add more information to this website section. We invite peer-to-peer programs—both emerging and well established—to submit responses to IPFCC's online Questionnaire. Also, consider sharing with IPFCC helpful resources or articles about peer support that can be added to this section. Send inquiries or information to and please put Peer Support in the subject line.

A special thanks to Nancy DiVenere, co-founder and past president of Parent to Parent USA, and member of the IPFCC Board of Directors, and Celeste Castillo Lee, former Program Manager for Patient- and Family-Centered Care at the University of Michigan Health System, Adult Services, for spearheading this effort. Both Nancy and Celeste have served as IPFCC seminar and webinar faculty on the subject of peer support. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to this project made this addition possible.

Read more in the Peer Support website section.