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Congratulations to Bill Schwab, MD ~ Recipient of the 2015 STFM Gold Humanism Award

Bill Schwab, MD

Congratulations to Bill Schwab, MD, the recipient of the 2015 STFM Gold Humanism Award. The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Gold Humanism Award, funded by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, honors a STFM member who "best embodies the attributes of humanism in medicine through his or her work as a family medicine faculty member."

Society of Teachers and Family MedicineIn awarding Bill the 2015 STFM Gold Humanism Award, STFM honors Bill as a faculty member and national expert in humanistic medicine, based on Bill's teaching on the value of patient- and family-centered care. Bill is recognized for his "leadership in consulting with large health systems in most states and around the world on how to deliver patient- and family-centered care."

Bill is an officer of the IPFCC Board of Directors and a senior faculty member at IPFCC seminars. Bill also provides training and technical assistance as faculty for IPFCC to advance patient- and family-centered care in medical education, community services, ambulatory health care, and hospitals. Read more in the January Pinwheel Pages e-newsletter.

Changing Hospital Visiting Policies: From Families as "Visitors" to Families as Partners

Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management

IPFCC's Better Together Campaign to change hospital "visiting" policies from families as "visitors" to one of family presence welcoming families as partners in care is discussed in the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management January 2015 Reports From the Field. Also included is a very personal account of how these policies affected one couple. Read more in the January Pinwheel Pages e-newsletter.

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