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IPFCC is Partnering with Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC)

Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

IPFCC is partnering with the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) as part of its Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) Support and Alignment Network (SAN). As a part of this project, IPFCC will feature highlights from the field about how patients and families are partnering in practice transformation efforts. Learn more about this project.

IPFCC wants to hear from you!

Send us your primary care stories of partnership in quality improvement and practice transformation. If you are already partnering with patients and families, or want to learn how, a free learning community is forming now. For more information, please contact Mary Minniti at or sign up on IPFCC's PFAC Network.

Spotlight on Primary Care ~ The Power of Perspective

San Francisco Health Network

When the San Francisco Health Network (SFHN) invited patients and families to partner on improvement efforts, a powerful shift in focus occurred. SFHN leaders were empowered with the evidence that showed improvements in care occur when patients and families are co-designers of their own health care. With an aim to increase patient and family engagement, connectedness, and continuity, SFHN leaders invited patients and families to partner with them on SFHN's goal to implement "team-based care."

What the health care team learned from patients and families was powerful. With new perspectives, patients, families, and health care professionals shaped the communication strategies about the new model of care. Patients and families talked about how words and practices like "team-based care" are not familiar to patients. So they worked together—staff, patients, and families—on terminology and language for the new website and education materials. Working together, they used co-design tools like card sorting, observation, and prototyping to determine how...