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Seminars and Conferences

International Conferences

Priceless. Great resources and tools. Great networking.”

The International Conference is truly an outstanding opportunity for hospitals, academic institutions, research programs, community organizations, and public health agencies to showcase their extraordinary work in patient- and family-centered care. It is the only conference that focuses on the experience of care and brings together clinicians, educators, researchers, and patient and family leaders from all types of settings serving individuals across the lifespan.

The 7th International Conference brochure

The conference provides a unique opportunity to learn across disciplines and settings about building effective partnerships with patients and families. Key issues for advancing patient- and family-centered practices in health care are leadership, research, patient safety, and quality. This conference will place an emphasis on these timely and important issues.

The conference program offers lectures, workshops, symposia, poster displays, and a video theatre--all designed to use various learning modalities and offer a diverse educational and networking opportunity.

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Intensive Training Seminars

“The best meeting I've ever attended: Talented faculty; multiple teaching techniques used; quick pace; lots of application of concepts.”

The Hospitals Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care Seminar, started in 1993, and the more recent Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care Seminar, provide a significant force for change, improving the way care is delivered in hundreds of hospitals and health systems across the United States and Canada. Our intensive training seminar is designed to develop partnerships for quality and safety among care providers and the patients and families they serve. We teach collaborative strategies for involving patients and families in the design of policies, programs, facilities, staff practices, and professional education.

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The Institute currently offers two seminars a year. Traditionally the spring seminar focused on women's and children's issues while the fall seminar focused on adult health care. To accelerate transformational change in health care, we now offer programming for all of adult health care, maternity care, pediatrics, and newborn intensive care at each seminar.

Seminar participants learn strategies for advancing the practice of patient- and family-centered care, approaches that lead to better outcomes, cost efficiencies, more supportive work environments, and greater patient, family, and staff satisfaction. During the seminar, hospital teams work with a faculty advisor in small groups to develop an action plan individualized to their organization. The change that occurs in hospitals and health systems after attending our seminars is truly inspiring.

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