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Partnerships in Interprofessional Education

UAMS Classroom

A family faculty member leads an interprofessional class at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Over the past 20+ years, there has been growing recognition of the need to include the "voice" of patients and their families in every aspect of health care to improve quality, safety, and patient experience. There are many exemplary programs utilizing the expertise of patients and families in a variety of ways.

Involving patients and their families in the education of health professionals is a newer area of focus but the insights and perspectives of patients and families about the health care system can enhance the educational process – for clinicians at all levels (students and experienced practitioners) and of all disciplines.

Also relatively new is the understanding that health care education is enhanced when it is not delivered in disciplinary silos but instead is “interprofessional.”

The materials in this upcoming section of the website will focus on that "niche" or "sweet spot," i.e. interprofessional education of health professionals with the involvement of patients and families as educators.

Sweet Spot

Through illustrative examples of successful programs and other tools, the materials are designed to help a variety of institutions (e.g., schools of medicine, nursing, allied health as well as hospitals and other health care organizations).

The tools are useful for institutions that are just beginning to think about involving patients and families as educators—and for those that have already begun the process but can benefit from additional resources to expand their efforts.

Materials will be available March 1, 2017

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