Our staff and faculty have expertise to provide training to build the capacity of patients and families to serve as effective advisors and partners to help your organization plan and implement change and improvement. We work with you to tailor content to best meet your organization’s priorities and needs.

Training Topics

  • Establishing Staff Coordinator Role for Advisory Programs
  • Being an Effective Patient and Family Advisor
  • Sharing Stories to Inspire, Inform, and Educate
  • Recruiting, Selecting, and Orienting Patient and Family Advisors
  • Improving the Diversity of Your Patient and Family Advisor Program
  • Creating and Sustaining a Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • Facilitating Productive Virtual Meetings with PFACs and PFAs
  • Preparing Patient and Family Advisors to Partner in:
    • Pandemic Planning
    • Telehealth Expansion
    • Safety
    • Performance/Quality Improvement
    • Education of Students, Trainees, and Health Care Professionals
    • Research
    • Governance
  • Preparing Patient and Family Advisors to Provide Peer Support
Juliette and Julia Rae Schlucter

In June 2016, Julia Rae Schlucter recorded a StoryCorps discussion with her mother Juliette Schlucter about Juliette’s journey from mother to family advisor to national leader in patient- and family-centered care.