Our expert staff and faculty can assist clinicians, staff, and interprofessional teams in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to partner effectively with patients and families in direct care and in improving policies and practices. We work with you to tailor content to best meet your organization’s priorities and needs.

Training Topics

  • PFCC as the Foundation for the Patient, Family, and Staff Experience
  • Sharing Stories to Inspire, Inform, and Educate
  • Enhancing Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Partnering with Patient and Family Advisors in Change and Improvement
  • Best Practice Bundle for Patient- and Family-Centered Inpatient Care
    • Changing the Concept of Families as Visitors
    • Bedside Shift Report
    • Bedside Rounding
    • Planning for Care Transitions
  • Best Practice Bundle for Patient- and Family-Centered Ambulatory and Primary Care
    • Involving Patients and Family Members as Part of the Team
    • Shared Decision-Making
    • Self-Management of Chronic Conditions
    • Partnerships in Care Coordination
    • Telehealth
  • Supporting Staff and Clinicians in Returning to Family Presence and Participation as Part of a Healing Journey