Partnership Role PFCC Effective PFAs Communicating and Collaborating Research Terms and Methods Research Overview Research Project Specifics IRB Training HIPAA Compliance

X = Essential training
(X) = Prior training completed as a PFA (for individuals new to the PFA role they would need to receive this training)
(D) = Dependent on research project and/or PFA experience

PFAC (X) (X) X   X (D)   (X)
Research-Focused PFAC (X) (X) X X X (D) (D) (X)
PFA on Research Project Team (D) (D) X X X X X (X)
PFA on Research Advisory Council or Steering Committee (D) (D) X X X X (D) (X)
PFA as Co-Investigator (X) (X) X X X X X (X)
Researcher X X X