Science, Story, and Stigma: Understanding and Effectively Responding to the Crisis of Opoid Overdose and Addiction

Sarah Wakeman, MD, Medical Director for the Mass General Hospital Substance Use Disorder Initiative, presents on effective approaches and strategies needed to address the opiod crisis. (46:28 minutes)

A Mother's Story: Her Journey in Becoming a Community Advocate

Tamela Milan-Alexander, MPPA, MCH, Partnership and Outreach Worker at Access Westside Healthy Start Community Action Network, shares her moving story of addiction, recovery, and advocacy. (23:44 minutes)

Partnerships for Promoting Health Equity and Reducing Disparities

Leana Wen, MD, former Commissioner of Health at the Baltimore City Health Department, discusses coordinated approaches to address the opioid epidemic and other public health challenges in Baltimore. (24:47 minutes)

Partnering with Individuals with Lived Experience

Chase Holleman, LCSWA, LCAS, from the Guilford County Solution to the Opioid Problem in NC, talks about his personal experiences and work to combat the opioid epidemic. (2:35 minutes)

Partnership Between an Emergency Department and a Community-Based Organization

Katie Donovan from Families Against Narcotics and Tiffany Morelli, RN, from Beaumont Health reflect on their collaboration to improve care for individuals with substance use disorder in emergency services. (4:30 minutes)

Working with Patient, Family, and Community Partners

Sandra Taylor, MSHP, and Bruce Hillenberg, PhD, ABPP, from Beaumont Health discuss working with a variety of partners to address the opioid crisis and improve pain management. (3:06 minutes)

Partnering Across a Health System

Martie Carnie from Brigham and Women's Hospital discusses how health care professionals, patients, and family members are working together to address the opioid epidemic. (3:05 minutes)

The Power of Using Stories to Inspire Change

Julianne Tomlin, MA, from the Center for Care Innovations talks about the power of stories to inspire change and reports on innovations. (3:00 minutes)

Spreading Innovation Across the Nation

Desiree Collins Bradley from the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative discusses her vision for spreading effective programs to address addiction. (2:24 minutes)

These videos were recorded in Baltimore, MD in June 2018 at the PFA Summit and the 8th International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care: Promoting Health Equity and Reducing Disparities.