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Team Up for Health: Supporting Patients for Better Chronic Care

Team Up For Health ~ Partnering with Patients and Families for Better Chronic Care

Team Up for Health: Supporting Patients for Better Chronic Care is a multi-year initiative funded by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) to promote a "shared care" model, in which patients collaborate with providers on managing their own health. CHCF's initial $2.86 million grant has helped "implement proven approaches to support patients managing chronic conditions and partner with self-care resources outside the medical system." In doing so, this initiative has assisted "healthcare provider organizations to improve the delivery of care for people with chronic conditions before, during, and after the medical visit." The focus of the original grant was on planning, implementation, and technical assistance. An additional year of funding will focus on spreading the initiative.

Central to the Foundation's Team Up for Health initiative is the shifting from a "prescriptive model—where doctors tell patients what to do and patients are left to figure out how to do it—toward a 'shared care' model…. [that] focuses on engaging patients and families with chronic conditions through 'self-management support'—equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to manage their health in their everyday lives—and through collaboration to improve clinic practices."

Focusing on the needs of patients and their families, grantees:

  • Enhance provider and staff communication skills;
  • Create new ways to engage patients and families in their own care and in improving the clinical practice;
  • Plan and test strategies to transform care processes; and
  • Leverage existing community and online resources.

External evaluators are measuring the impact of the Team Up for Health initiative on patients, providers, and staff. Look for the report detailing the results of this evaluation in December 2011.

Checkout the Team Up for Health website to learn more about the three key elements:

  • Team + Practice Transformation;
  • Patient + Family Engagement; and
  • Proactive Support Outside the Visits.

The Team Up For Health website also contains interviews with Team Up grantees, patients, families, and leaders in the field, as well as tools, resources, and links to additional information. Check out these video clips, which include comments from Bev Johnson, CEO and President of the Institute, Collaborating with Patients and Culture of Improvement.