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Advancing the Practice

Mark Hines with MCG hospital staff

Mark Hines (seated), a volunteer Patient Advisor, meets regularly with MCG hospital staff to implement patient- and family-centered care practices. Marks wife, Barbara (standing on the left), often joins him.

Moving forward with patient- and family-centered care requires teamwork and responsiveness to individual, organizational, and community needs. But progress is also grounded in an understanding of the literature and of the experience of other organizations. This section offers access to helpful, credible resources available from this website and from the sites of other organizations. Patient and family advisors and leaders, organizational leaders and managers, clinicians, educators of health professionals, researchers, and architects and interior designers will find information and resources in their specific areas of interest and expertise.

Architects and Interior Designers
Educators of Health Professionals
Organizational Leaders and Managers
Patient and Family Advisors and Leaders
Special Topics
Supporting Evidence

Results of the 2011 Survey of Paid Positions for Patient and Family Leaders

SurveyThe Institute is proud to announce the results of the 2011 Salary Survey of Patient and Family Leaders in Paid Positions. The Institute highlighted the survey results at its Hospitals and Communities Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care Intensive Training Seminar in Madison, Wisconsin, November 7-10, 2011, in the session, Creating Paid Positions for Patient and Family Leaders: Key Considerations.

A committee of patient and family leaders representing a variety of health care organizations assisted the Institute in the development of the survey questions to ensure that the data collected would be beneficial to those seeking paid positions within a health care organization.

The survey responses offer a glimpse into the patient- and family-centered care community, as well as current attitudes and trends for engaging patients and family leaders as paid employees. Results reflect the importance of bringing patients and families in as part of the health care team to represent the voices of patients and families in day-to-day operations.

The survey information offers a view of what is happening around the country. READ MORE...