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Educators of Health Professionals

Collage of Education MaterialsPatient- and family-centered care offers a body of knowledge and teaching strategies that can enrich education and training in the health professions. Patient- and family-centered principles can improve continuing education and faculty development programs as well. By becoming knowledgeable about and advocating principles of patient- and family-centered care, educators can help ensure that health care practitioners and administrators are sufficiently prepared to integrate this approach within their practice.

Opportunities for innovation in education and training in the health professions are particularly promising at the current time. Colleges, universities, residency programs, and accreditation bodies in medicine, nursing, and allied health professions, as well as in health care administration, are reexamining their curricula and standards in order to ensure that they will meet the needs of professionals who will practice well into the 21st century. The current nursing shortage and related issues have created opportunities to explore the undergraduate and graduate curricula for nurses and to develop approaches that promote life-long learning.