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Architects and Interior Designers

Group gathered around a 3D Building Model. The design of health care facilities has a direct impact on the experience of care for patients and families. Design can facilitate or hinder effective communication among patients, families, and health care professionals. It also shapes the attitude and practices of staff. Architects, interior designers, and other design professionals can use the principles and strategies of patient- and family-centered care to improve the built environment and thereby contribute to improve outcomes, greater safety, higher satisfaction, and cost efficiencies.

The design planning process should be collaborative-involving patients, families, administrators, physicians, and staff across all disciplines and at all levels. The patient and family experience of care should be integral components of a health care facility's vision, philosophy, definition of quality, and should influence the planning process, the design, and the allocation of space for both new construction and for renovations.

Alberta Children's Hospital

Alberta Children's HospitalThe Calgary Health Region included families and patients in the planning of this new facility. A family leader served on the project's steering committee. CHR sought input from not only parents of patients, but also from the patients themselves. One young person involved in the process insists, "The entire architectural structure is completely different from the original plan just because of what the kids wanted."


BC Children's Hospital / BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre

Integrated Facility Design of BC Women's Hospital Programs in the new Acute Care Centre /

Videos about the processes BC Children's and BC Women's Hospital are using to design the new hospital, how patients and families are involved, and updates on what is happening.


Integrated Facility Design of BC Women's Hospital Programs in the new Acute Care Centre

Patients and Families Help Build a Cardboard BC Children's Hospital

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital The new University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital opened December 2011. The 12-story inpatient tower and 9-story clinic tower Is a state-of-the-art facility for children's medicine, as well as pregnancy and childbirth care. Patients and their families—as well as teams of more than 450 current Mott and Women's faculty and staff—provided input for the new facility's layout and design.

Features of the new facility include three-hundred-square-foot pediatric inpatient rooms with:

  • Computer and wireless technology access;
  • Areas for the patient to decorate and personalize; and
  • An area for parents to stay 24 hours a day.

The family accommodation area has private beds, showers, and desks to provide short-term lodging for parents with children in the pediatric ICU. Within the Women's Hospital Birth Center, the labor, delivery and recovery rooms include space for families to celebrate the birth of their new babies.

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Yawkey Center for Cancer Care

Yawkey Center for Cancer CareRising 14 stories above Brookline Avenue, the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care embodies one of the hallmarks of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: an unwavering commitment to innovation and discovery, and compassionate care.

Created with guidance from many patients and families, it was built to advance clinical care, optimize patient safety, enhance the patient experience, and provide a welcome and nurturing environment.

The Yawkey Center adds 275,000 square feet of clinical and support space and is designed to accommodate more than 100 exam rooms, morethan 150 infusion spaces, and 20 consultation rooms. Read More...

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“The parents on this [design] committee truly gave of their time.”

—John Stefano, MD
Director of Neonatology
Christiana Hospital
Newark, Delaware

“...The blueprint approval document was passed around for signatures... there in front of me was a line marked "Patient Advisor" which I signed indicating my approval... I feel I have had a unique and honoring experience.”

—Jean Parker, MCG
Cardiology Patient Advisor
Design Planning Committee
Augusta, Georgia

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